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What is Booing? How to Participate in the Halloween Tradition

When the crisp air sets in and the leaves start changing color, you know Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is no longer just about donning costumes and carving pumpkins. Over the years, various people have added their own flavor to the celebration, turning it into a festival for people of all ages.

While traditions like trick or treating are still popular, we’re seeing other traditions become more popular. Among these is the tradition of “booing.”

If you receive a message on your door telling you that “you’ve been booed,” you might wonder, “What is booed?” So what is “booing”? 

Keep reading to learn more about “booing,” what it is, and how it works. 

What is "Booing"?

Booing for Halloween is a neighborhood game during the spooky season. The idea behind “booing” is that one person leaves a basket or bag of treats on someone’s doorstep with a note and a “boo” sign. The recipient then refills the basket with treats. They then include a similar or the same sign and secretly deliver it to another neighbor who hasn’t been “booed” yet. 

The process of “booing” for Halloween continues to turn the neighborhood into a web of secret gift-givers and receivers, sharing in the festive spirit. 

“Booing” neighbors isn’t just a fun and festive game; it fosters a sense of community even though it remains anonymous. The simple act of “booing” encourages interaction while spreading joy. When someone opens their door and sees their Halloween “boo,” they’re reminded that people around them care about them. 

Creating “boo” packages also encourages creativity, and it’s something you can get the kids involved with. By assembling your basket, you can become more creative even for just a short time. Creating a unique note or decorating the basket allows you to express yourself, and it’s an activity you can involve the entire family in. 

In addition, “booing” is an act of kindness that creates a chain of goodwill throughout the neighborhood. Children can witness firsthand the joys of giving without expecting anything in return. 

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Crafting Your "Boo" Package

Creating the perfect “boo” package is about blending the joy of gift-giving with the spookiness and mysteriousness of Halloween. It’s not just about what you give but how it’s presented. The element of surprise, combined with carefully chosen treats and a friendly note, can turn your package into a memorable gift that warms hearts and spreads joy. 

Choosing the Right Treats and Surprises

When creating your “boo” package, consider the treats and surprises. Think of seasonal delights like candy corn, pumpkin cookies, and other Halloween treats. You can also bake your own homemade goodies like ghost cookies, mini pumpkin pies, or cupcakes

For non-edible surprises, consider Halloween toys, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and themed pencils that will be a hit with kids. Little trinkets like spider rings, temporary tattoos, and just about anything Halloween-themed can be fun additions. 

For more mature content, consider scented candles with autumn fragrances or eerie bookmarks. Always keep in mind the recipient’s age and preferences to ensure your “boo” package brings joy. 

Assembling a Thoughtful and Spooky Gift

Next, you’ll need to choose your basket. You can use any basket or tote; just make sure it reflects the season. After selecting your basket or tote, consider its presentation. 

Start with crumpled black or orange tissue paper at the bottom as a cushion for your treats and surprises. Lay your items neatly, ensuring the heaviest items are on the bottom with the lighter items on top. 

If you’ve included fragile items like glass candle holders or delicate pastries, make sure they’re well protected. Finish your assembly by adding decorative confetti or fake spider webs for a spooky touch. You can tuck a note within the treats as a delightful surprise when discovered. 

Before you place your “boo” on your neighbor’s porch, think about the finishing touches that complete the look. Wrap your basket in cellophane and tie it with a bold ribbon in Halloween colors. You can add a cute gift tag with a clue about your identity or keep it anonymous to keep the recipient guessing. 

The Importance of a Friendly Note

Every “boo” needs a friendly note. Something simple like “You’ve been booed,” with instructions for how the game works, can be enough to make your neighbors feel special. 

The addition of a poem or rhyme can amplify the festive spirit, making the experience more memorable. You should also encourage the recipient to pass on the goodwill, making the note instructions for how to proceed to keep the “booing” going. At the end of your note, tell the recipient to keep the game going by placing the “boo” sign on the door to show they’ve been “booed” and prepare a package for another neighbor. 

halloween cookies and candy

All good “boo” packages have sweet treats in them, and you can never go wrong with cookies. Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to run wild with spooky, fun, and themed cookies. 

For instance, you can add witch hat cookies with a round cookie at the base and a dolloped chocolate kiss in the center to create the look of a witch’s hat. 

You can also choose pumpkin cookies shaped like pumpkins to evoke the feelings of the season. For fun themed cookies, consider creating monster eyeballs from candy-coated chocolate and icing. 

Other options include:

  • Simple chocolate chip cookies
  • Spiderweb cookies
  • Zombie finger cookies
  • Coffin brownie bites
  • Full moon cookies

If you know the household has children, opt for cookies that are visually appealing, with bright colors and recognizable shapes. Incorporating sugar cookies decorated with Halloween-themed designs can also be a crowd-pleaser due to their neutral flavor and creative design options. 

For an older audience, consider gourmet options with sophisticated flavors like salted caramel or cookies infused with autumn spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix both traditional and festive cookies to ensure your package caters to all taste buds. 

Considering Dietary Preferences and Allergies

When adding sweet treats to your “boo,” always consider potential dietary preferences and allergies. If baking your treats at home, include the ingredients list to ensure your neighbor's safety. Consider including gluten-free options, vegan treats, nut-free choices, and sugar-free alternatives so all your neighbors can enjoy your “boo.”

A “boo” is meant to be a surprise, but it may become a neighborhood tradition over the years that allows you to learn your neighbor's preferences. If you’re ever unsure if someone has a food allergy, consider asking them or your fellow neighbors for information to ensure you give them treats they can actually enjoy. 

Fostering Halloween Community Spirit

This season is more about Halloween costumes, candies, and jack-o-lanterns. Let it be an opportunity to foster a sense of community and shared joy with “boos.” 

“Booing” your neighbors by leaving a basket of treats on their doorstep doesn’t just provide them with delightful goodies; it imparts a sense of belonging and a silent message that shows you care for them. 

Send spooky well-wishes as the festive season approaches with “booing.” And don’t worry if you don’t have time to bake those treats on your own. Instead, order or pick up your Halloween treats from Mrs. Fields to include in your “boo” Halloween package. Order your cookie tins, brownies, baskets, and more today for Halloween parties or personal “boo” packages.

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