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Cookie FAQ

Answers to all your cookie questions.

Can you send someone cookies?

Sending someone cookies is a great option if you can't give someone a gift in person. With Mrs. Fields gourmet cookie delivery, you can get the best cookies delivered anywhere in the nation for any occasion. Choose from a variety of options, including cookie trays and tins, samplers, gourmet gift baskets, birthday cookie gift basketsgraduation cookies, and more. 

Is baked goods delivery a nice gift?

The only thing better than getting cookies and other sweet treats as a gift is getting them delivered directly to your house. Cookies, brownies, and chocolate-covered strawberries make great gifts for everyone, no matter the occasion. For example, you can give your employees thank you gift baskets during the holidays to thank them for their hard work year-round. Additionally, you can give friends and family the gift of gourmet cookie cakes on birthdays and other special events. Everyone in your life will appreciate baked goods delivered to their homes or work as a nice surprise no matter what the occasion. 

What occasions can I get cookie delivery for?

Let's face it; cookies are a great treat for any occasion, and delivery is just the cherry on top. Instead of having to run to a nearby location, you can ensure your cookies are delivered on time when you check out online, so you can have your cookies prepped and ready for your special event. 

You can get baked goods delivered for any and every occasion, including:

  • Graduations: Every graduation requires sweet treats to keep your guests satisfied while they celebrate your graduate's big day. 
  • Birthdays: Every birthday needs cake. Check out our personalized cookie cakes to share with family and friends while celebrating. 
  • Mother's and Father's Day: Buying gifts for your parents can be difficult, but you can't go wrong by sending them a box of cookies. 
  • Corporate events: Don't know what your employees want to eat during corporate work events? You can never go wrong with offering sweet treats, including cookies, brownies, and chocolate-covered fruit. 

Not sure what to get friends, family, or coworkers? Consider getting gourmet gift baskets complete with their favorite treats. 

Additionally, you can get cookie delivery for occasions that aren't about celebrating. For example, you can send sympathy gift baskets to those who are in mourning to let them know you're thinking about them. Not to mention, sweet treats can make anyone feel better, so no matter why you're sending cookies, you can rest assured your gift will be greatly appreciated.

How can I send a baked goods delivery?

Getting gourmet cookies delivered is simple. All you have to do is browse Mrs. Fields selection of cookies, brownies, and other treats online. Once you've found the perfect gift, you can start the checkout process and give us the shipping information so we can ensure your baked goods are delivered to their destination without delay. 

Not sure exactly what types of cookies to get someone as a gift? You can get them a subscription to our Treat of the Month gift subscription, offering up to a full year of monthly treat deliveries at an affordable price. Additionally, with the Treat of the Month subscription, you will receive free shipping for purchasing your cookie delivery upfront.