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Gourmet coffee cakes are a great addition to any celebration, as they come in various mouthwatering flavors, and are a treat that’s loved by all. Of course, it’s also perfect no matter the season, meaning there’s no wrong time to enjoy a scrumptious slice of coffee cake.

Cookie FAQ

Answers to all your cookie questions.

When is the right occasion to send a gourmet coffee cake?

We may be biased, but we don't think there's ever a wrong time to send a loved one a delectable coffee cake. They're a versatile treat that can be enjoyed during life's happiest moments, somber get-togethers, or just because. Plus, our coffee cakes pair well with our signature soft-baked cookies, gourmet rice krispie treats, and deliciously dense brownie bites So, don't be afraid to order up a few of our baked goods to add a touch of sweetness and delight to your next event.

Can I have a gourmet coffee cake delivered?

At Mrs. Fields®, we've mastered quite a few things, including the art of delivering your coffee cake gifts across the nation. Our team works hard to make delicious desserts that stay fresh during transit and after they've been delivered to your doorstep. That way, you can enjoy your yummy treats as soon as they arrive. No matter the destination, you can be sure that we're using the highest quality ingredients.

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What ingredients make gourmet coffee cake so delicious?

Each of our gourmet coffee cakes are baked to order with the finest ingredients available. This includes flour, sugar, eggs, and spices. And we of course have a variety of gourmet coffee cake flavors to add extra sweetness to your next celebration. From apple cinnamon walnut to pineapple coconut, our coffee cake repertoire is extensive. Each flavor will leave you satisfied and wanting more!