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  Express your love with a Valentine’s Day delivery and offer a heartfelt surprise for your special someone! Our Valentine’s gifts are perfect for spouses, partners, parents, and more. With an array of options, from baskets brimming with cookies to delightful cakes, there's something for every preference. Order your Valentine’s Day gift delivery today!

Cookie FAQ

Answers to all your cookie questions.

What types of Valentine’s Day gifts can I have delivered?

We carry a variety of Valentine’s delivery gifts, so it's easy to find the perfect treat, including a wide assortment of gift boxes, decorative baskets, and Valentine-themed tins brimming with Mrs. Fields® original cookies and sweet treats for your loved ones.

Surprise that special someone with personalized cookie cakes, delicious coffee cakes sold in various flavors, chocolate-covered strawberries, or other unique gift options. 

Who should I send Valentine’s gifts to?

Send a Valentine’s gift to those you hold dear, and witness the joy on their faces when they receive your special delivery. A Valentine’s Day gift delivery is a great way to demonstrate your love to anyone special in your life, whether it be your spouse, partner, friend, co-worker, child, parent, or grandparent. The possibilities are endless! What truly counts is the love and care you feel for each recipient. 

How can I ensure my Valentine's Day gift delivery arrives on time?

We do our best to ensure your Valentine’s Day delivery arrives on time. If you choose our standard delivery option, your Valentine’s Day gifts may arrive 1 to 2 business days before or after your selected delivery date. Ensure your Valentine’s gift arrives by February 14th with our expedited shipping option, perfect for those last-minute shoppers. 

Keep in mind that extreme weather conditions can delay our Valentine’s delivery service. While this is beyond our control, we recommend planning ahead and ordering in advance of this beloved gift-giving holiday to account for any potential delays.

What are some popular gift options to send on Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day, the most cherished gifts come from the heart. The best Valentine’s delivery gifts are thoughtfully chosen with your loved one in mind. Consider the details that make your loved one smile. 

We understand the art of creating unforgettable love and romance gifts, so we carry a diverse range of options that are sure to make the recipient feel adored. At Mrs. Fields®, you can tailor your gift to the recipient's unique personality, interests, or shared memories. With Valentine's gifts delivered right to their doorstep, this sweet sentiment will be remembered long after the treats are eaten.

How are Valentine's Day deliveries packaged?

Our Valentine’s Day delivery gifts are packaged to perfection, ensuring a hassle-free and fresh arrival. Inside all of our Valentine’s Day deliveries, treats come sealed to preserve their out-of-the-oven freshness. Your loved ones can unwrap their brownie bites and baked goods as soon as they arrive, allowing them to savor the delectable flavors right from the first bite.