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Cookie FAQ

Answers to all your cookie questions.

When is the best time to choose a nondenominational gift?

Celebrate any business occasion or office event this season with the collection of nondenominational cookie gifts from Mrs. Fields®. You’ll find delicious cookie gift boxes in our signature red boxes - suited for any event or gift giving occasion. Our winter gift baskets are filled to the brim with popular crowd-pleasing flavors, such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies, brownies, and more. Our unaffiliated corporate holiday gifts offer the perfect present for anyone on your list. Simply pick out a box, place your order, and we’ll deliver it fresh to the door. For large gathering or big events, try our Sterling Cookie Bundle, which has a little of everything for everyone - bite size cookies, brownies, frosted cookies, and even peppermint bark. And our fun and festive, silver tins are perfect for any celebration or setting this season - and full of our signature cookies, brownies and other Nibblers® treats.