Tips for Perfect Care Packages

Have you ever received a care package? It's a rare and wonderful surprise, and always so appreciated. But do you know how to put one together? Here are my five best tips. 1. Choose a theme. Rather than a hodge podge of various items, decide on a theme for your package. Not only will it keep you more focused in you selecting items, it shows thoughtfulness to the recipient. It could be a theme like favorite cookies or pampering items, or even a color theme integrating several small gifts of a certain color. 2. Finesse the details. Incorporate interesting or beautiful papers, ribbons, or trinkets to polish off the presentation. 3. Wrap items individually. We all know that unwrapping a gift enhances the experience, so make each item special by giving it individual wrapping. Tissue paper or cellophane bags are great for smaller items. 4. Packing materials can be pretty. If you're mailing your package, use popped popcorn, mini balloons (blown up), or shredded colored paper to make it secure for shipping. It keeps the wow-factor high. Use stickers, decorative tape, or paper to decorate the outside of the box. 5. Include a note. The most important part of any care package is the little hand-written note tucked inside. In my opinion, a gift without a note is only half a gift. Personalize it with your own words. Need more inspiration? Check out these beautiful care packages. Of course, some of my favorite care packages are sent out every day to thousands of people across the country. If you don't feel like putting together a care package, we can always do it for you!
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