Take Your Tea Party Up a Notch

Blossoms are bursting from the trees, the sun is shining, and I'm planning a tea party! It's the absolute perfect way to usher in spring, get dressed up, and enjoy time with friends. But I'm not planning any old tea party, I want one with bright colors, bold foods, adorable details, and tea that puts on a show of its own. Want to see what I've got planned? First, the tea. Flowering teas are my first choice, because they are beautiful and dramatic. When covered with steeping hot water, they bloom into their full glory. I know my guests will be in absolute awe, and I will be too.

MF Tea Party 2

The only thing that could top such a brilliant show is the sweet addition of homemade sugar cubes. These are super simple to put together with a candy mold or ice cube tray. I'll be making a variety of white, light and dark brown sugars for my guests. MF Tea Party 5

Next, the food. A simple cream cheese and cucumber sandwich will not cut it for me. I want some bold flavors in a delicate display. This will be my menu: MF Tea Party Food

1. Tea sandwiches filled with rich chicken salad, ham and jalapeno, and egg salad. I like to use tiny button rolls instead of traditional bread slices that tend to dry out.

2. These crab stuffed cucumbers are to die for. So dainty, yet packed with flavor. (These would also be perfect for an anytime appetizer.)

3. White chocolate and blueberry brownies are cut into bite-sized beauties with a simple cookie cutter. Rich flavors and so pretty!

4. My Lacy Oatmeal Cookies are a fan favorite. They pair perfectly with tea, ice cream, or sorbet. They are delicate and delicious.

MF Tea Party 4

Finally, I am in love with these DIY confetti napkins (spotted on Design Mom). They are the perfect punch of bright color, yet still flirty and feminine—just what I'm looking for.

What about you? What would you plan for your tea party?

{Top image via Pinterest.}

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