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Q + A with Customer Service

Every day the Mrs. Fields customer service team helps people with their gifting needs, everything from arranging international shipping to helping people determine just the right gift for their occasion. We thought it would be fun to talk with them and find out some of the most frequently asked questions they get each day, plus interesting facts to share. Here's our Q+A:

What is your most popular flavor?

The semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie is our most popular. Just the perfect amount of chocolate and chew and sweet!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We can ship anywhere all over the word via UPS except for Mexico, Spain and Brazil.

Are the cookies still fresh after being in transit for so long?

Absolutely! We do lots of shipping testing to ensure that our products will arrive to any destination without and freshness issues. We also seal our packages for freshness so that they won’t dry out during transit. Our Nibblers have a 30-day shelf life and our regular size cookies have a 12-day shelf life. We also have a freshness guarantee so that if there are any issues we’d be happy to help make things better

What is a feature or service that surprises most people?

Personalized tins are a big hit. A lot of people like that they can add that personalized touch to a tin so that it’s more than just a gift, it becomes a memory. Also, once the cookies are gone they can still use the tin for decoration or to hold keepsakes or whatever they’d like.

What's a favorite story about really making somebody's day?

When one of our Corporate Sales reps found out her customer's father had just passed away, she sent the customer a Sympathy Basket of cookies to let her know she was thinking about her. The customer called back to let us know that she was so grateful for the basket and said that it was so thoughtful of the rep to do something like that.

What's the most unusual request you've ever had?

We’ve had some fun requests about the design of cookie cakes. Unfortunately, due to the high volume that we make each day, we’re not able to do pictures and designs outside of what is offered online, but we've had people ask us to make some very detailed images for them.

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