How To: Organize a Successful Bake Sale

Bake sales are making a huge comeback as a great way to bring communities together, have fun, and raise money for good causes. Here are some tips to ensure success:
  • Choose a busy location and get permission to be there. A local grocery store on a Saturday or Sunday is ideal. Be sure to check with property owners/managers to work out the details.
  • Involve the community. List your bake sale in community calendars, invite local musicians to provide atmosphere, and ask local business if they're interested in matching raised funds.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and email to spread the word and invite willing bakers to participate. Make updates on the day of the sale to remind people to stop by.
  • Create a themed look with a simple color scheme and stick with it. Coordinate everything from posters to balloons to make things cohesive and identifiable from a distance.
  • Offer a range of items. Individually wrapped cookies and brownies are hard to pass up, but whole cakes, pies, and loaves of bread can bring in bigger bucks.
  • Pay attention to packaging and presentation. Use cellophane, ribbons, stickers, and bakers boxes to dress up items.
  • Have a suggested price list, but allow people to donate whatever they'd like. (You're likely to make more money this way.)
  • Have lots of change on hand, especially quarters and dollar bills. Decide if you are willing to accept checks and, if so, to whom they will be made out. If a cash box is too vulnerable, have cashiers keep the funds in a money belt.
  • Donate leftovers to a local shelter or to those who have volunteered.
  • Send a follow-up status update on social media thanking those who participated and announce your total earnings.
  • If a formal bake sale isn't right for you, Mrs. Fields offers an incredible fundraising program. Delicious cookie dough turns into dough for your organization. Check out all the details on our website.
Do you have any other tips for a great bake sale? Share your ideas in the comments section! {Image via Pinterest. Source unknown.}
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