How To: Make a Personalized Pencil Case

MF Pencil Case Here's a fun activity for the kids that will get them excited for the upcoming school year: personalized pencil cases! You only need a few simple supplies, a quiet summer afternoon, and a reluctant back-to-schooler to get started.

Personalized Pencil Cases

Pencil case newspaper or magazine colored paper scissors Modge Podge sponge brush

Directions Cut out strips of newspaper or magazine to cover the top of your pencil case. Cut out block letters from colored paper (or cut out large, block letters from your newspaper or magazine). Lay out your design and trim as needed to fit.

Paint a thin layer of Modge Podge over the surface of the pencil case. Lay each strip down and paint a thin layer of Modge Podge on top of it before adding the next strip of paper. Once the surface is covered, add your block letters in the same manner, painting Modge Podge on top. Once completed, allow your pencil case to thoroughly dry before handling.

Stuff with pencils (or cookies).

TIP: No need to stick to print, have kids cut out their favorite pictures from magazines or use printed photos from their summer vacation to create a collage.

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