How to Gift Wrap Goodies

Mrs. Fields Secrets Goodie Wrapping

At Mrs. Fields, we understand that presentation is just as important as the gift itself. If you're baking up homemade goodies to share for the holidays, I've got some simple tips to save you from this:

Mrs. Fields Secrets Boring Cookie Wrapping

A beautiful wrapping job is simpler than you think and makes your gift even more special. First, you'll need an arsenal of simple tools. These are inexpensive, last forever, and make all the difference in your wrapping.

Mrs. Fields Secrets Wrapping Tools Mrs. Fields Secrets Wrapping Tools

And here's how I like to use them:

Cellophane - I like to stack cookies right in the middle of a large square of cellophane, then pull up the edges and tie it with a ribbon. No waste, no hassle, and it's easy to transport. Cellophane is also great for wrapping larger items, like plates, platters, or baskets.

1-inch Satin Ribbon - A bolt of this lasts me about a year and can be used to tie up not only goodies, but also regular gift wrap. I recommend bright, primary colors.

Tulle Ribbon - This net-like ribbon is VERY forgiving, yet holds its shape.

Small Cello Bags - To wrap individual cookies and treats, I love a small cellophane bag (you can find them printed, such as the one in the photo) tied with some simple ribbon, or fastened closed with some colorful washi tape.

Large Cello Bags - If working with cellophane is overwhelming, large cello bags are a great option. Stack treats inside, fold down the top of the bag, then use a hole-punch to create two holes in the middle of the fold. Thread a ribbon through and tie a bow. So pretty!

Happy wrapping!

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