Giveaway: Share Your Worst Date Story

When it comes to finding true love, most of us have to encounter a few bumps in the road. Today we have a fun giveaway, where you get a chance to step up to the mic and share your best "Worst Date" moment ever. So, come on, tell us. Was it the time your blind date showed up at your doorstep with his mother? Or when you had an allergic reaction to your date's perfume and your face swelled up like a balloon? We know you've got something terrifically terrible to share, so 'fess up. But don't think this is all for nothing. I want to help turn your sour experience into a sweet one. Three lucky (previously unlucky) winners will be chosen to receive a freshly delivered gift from Mrs. Fields Gifts, shipped just in time for Valentine's Day! First prize is our Perfect Valentine Basket, loaded with two dozen of our mouthwatering new frosted cookies. That's worth the time you broke your nose in an awkward goodnight kiss, isn't it?
Perfect Valentine Basket
Having your date dump a plate of spaghetti on you was completely worth qualifying for our second prize, Little Bit of Love Trunk, right?
Little Bit of Love Trunk
And finally, our third prize of Classic Heart Frosted Cookies Tin, will heal the old wounds (though maybe not the scars) of the his-and-hers tattoos date night you came to regret. Don't you agree?
Classic Heart Frosted Cookies Tin
Let the stories come rolling in! (And don't forget—our early bird discount is still available on all Valentine's Day gifts until Wednesday, February 1st! Use code 12BEB at checkout.) **Giveaway closed.** {Image via Pinterest.}
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