Fun Facts About Mrs. Fields Gifts

Did you know that our gift manufacturing facility is 158,000 square feet? That’s the size of more than 200 of our franchise stores combined! Did you know that we can bake 57,000 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies per hour? That’s one cookie each hour for every student attending Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford! Did you know that we can ship up to 35,000 packages per day? That’s 24 packages every minute! Did you know that in 2007 we baked over ten million chocolate chip cookies? That’s one cookie for every single resident of the states of South Carolina and Tennessee! Did you know that we hand-tied over 200,000 bows in 2007? That’s one bow every three minutes for an entire year! Did you know that we use over 200 miles of silk ribbon each year? That’s enough ribbon to stretch from Washington D.C. to New York City! Did you know that each year we use more than 17 tons of frosting? That’s enough frosting to fill an Olympic size swimming pool! Did you know that we recycle over 112 tons of waste and byproducts each year? That saves: 1904 trees, 778,736 gallons of water, 51,856 gallons of oil, 65,744 pounds of air pollution, 336 cubic yards of landfill, and 456,624 kilowatt hours of energy! Did you know that we can produce up to 2500 gift tins per hour? That’s one tin every two seconds! Did you know that we can customize over 200 tins per hour with a silkscreen print? That’s over three tins every minute! Did you know that we use 2 million pounds of cookie dough each year? That’s enough cookie dough to fill 30 Boeing 747 airplanes! Did you know that when we bake brownies, their sweet smell can be detected as far as 100 yards away from our bakery? That’s an entire football field of mouth-watering aroma!
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