Duct Tape Lunch Bags

Mrs. Fields Secrets Lunchbag Here's a fun way to up-cycle a regular old brown paper lunch bag into a totally customized, totally reusable, and totally cool lunch vessel. Duct tape is available in so many fun colors right now, your kids can be as creative and exciting as they want, and they'll never confuse their lunch with anybody else!

Duct Tape Lunch Bags

1 paper lunch bag contact paper duct tape scissors

Directions 1. Cut two sides off brown lunch bag along seams. With a pencil, lightly mark each side inside or outside. 2. Cut out contact paper to exactly match each of the three pieces and affix to the inside panels of each. 3. On the larger, longer piece, begin affixing duct tape to completely cover the outside in whatever design you prefer, trimming any excess from the edges. 4. Affix duct tape on the outside of both side panels, leaving a 1/4-inch overlap on all sides. 5. Carefully attach the side panels to the larger panel, using the overlap of duct tape to create a seam. 6. Use scissors to trim any excess at corner seams. 7. Affix one long strip of duct tape all along the top, outside rim of the bag, leaving a 1-inch overlap. At corners, use scissors to cut a slit down to the top of the bag. 8. Fold over the tape along each side, securing it to the inside panel with the overlap. 9. Press, fold, and secure all seams. 10. Fill with lunch items and enjoy again and again!

Mrs. Fields Secrets Lunchbag

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