DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Mrs. Fields Secrets DIY Teacher AppreciationAs the school year winds down to an end, it's time to think about how to thank the teachers who have been working hard for your kids all year long. I've been gathering some fun DIY ideas to show your appreciation in a sweet way. Plus, they're all simple enough to have the kids help out. 1. Candy Pencils - A sweet look alike that is so easy to put together. 2. Cookies Stacked in a Spaghetti Canister - I recommend my Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies 3. School Supply Cake - A great way to display some much-needed supplies that teacher won't have to buy next fall. 4. Reusable Drink Cups with Lemonade Mix - Every teacher could use some cute hydration. 5. Apple-shaped Gift Box - Made from plastic soda bottles, you could fill this box with any small treasure. 6. Poster Candy-Gram - I'm a sucker for a clever candy-gram, and this site gives you a perfect script to follow. 7. Apple-Shaped Cupcakes - Whether you give one or a dozen, these treats will bring a smile. 8. Chalkboard Paint Flower Pot - A fun plant that can brighten up the classroom now, and teacher's home later. 9. Paper Bag Flower Box - Dress up a gift for the yard with this clever idea. If DIY is not your thing, I've got some favorite gifts from Mrs. Fields that will thrill any teacher on your list.
Sunshine Satchel
Classic Mini Ribbon Box
Thank You Big Cookie Cake
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