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17 Christmas Activities for Families: Festive Christmas Ideas

The holidays are a time to spend with family, whether it’s creating cherished traditions, spreading cheer to others, or simply enjoying the festive ambiance. Christmas activities for families provide the opportunity to come together and make lasting memories. We’ve curated an array of engaging family Christmas ideas to add a bit of extra magic to your holidays.

From classic activities that evoke nostalgia to creative endeavors, this list features activities for all age ranges. Discover the joy of celebrating the holidays with family, whether you’re baking cookies together, spreading goodwill through service, or making DIY decorations. Embrace the holidays with open arms by creating unique and festive memories with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for inspiration regarding fun Christmas ideas for families, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to explore a variety of activities that cater to different preferences and interests.

Fun and Festive Christmas Ideas for Families

When planning Christmas activities, consider the ages, interests, and preferences of your family members. Some enjoy outdoor activities like playing in the snow, while others are inclined to stay indoors. This detailed list is full of fun activities that will keep you and your loved ones busy throughout the festive season. 

Enjoy a snow day

Enjoy the magic of the holidays in your own personal winter wonderland with a family snow day. Nothing screams fun family Christmas activities quite like a day of building snowmen, having snowball fights, and making snow angels. Playing in the snow is fun for the whole family and provides a wonderful way to bond and create lasting memories. 

Go volunteer

Spread some Christmas cheer by volunteering during the holidays. Volunteering with your family creates a sense of togetherness, and giving back to the community embodies the spirit of the season. Whether you’re serving at a soup kitchen, wrapping gifts for charity, or participating in a toy drive, working together for a greater cause can help your loved ones bond and make this festive season extra special. 

Sing your heart out caroling

Among Christmas activities for families, caroling is a true classic. Take the family out around the neighborhood or visit a local nursing home to share your musical talents with others. Singing holiday carols is a festive activity that spreads joy and cheer to others. 

Host a cookie exchange

Invite friends and family to share their favorite holiday treats so you can try new types of cookies and swap recipes to add to your holiday rotation. Cookie exchanges are the perfect event for spending time together while sharing tasty baked goods. 

Visit a local Christmas tree farm

Other family Christmas ideas include visiting a local tree farm. The time-old tradition of gathering the whole family to choose and cut down a real Christmas tree makes for memorable family outings. It’s a chance to get outdoors, explore, find the perfect tree, and kick off the holiday season the right way. 

Mother and father watching Christmas movies  on a projector with their children

Watch Christmas movies

There’s nothing better than cozying up with blankets, popcorn, and hot chocolate to watch heart-warming Christmas movies. Play a Christmas classic or new movie on a dark winter night to relax and bond with the whole family over fun holiday stories. 

Create DIY snow globes

Get crafty this festive season with DIY projects. Make your own DIY snow globes that can be displayed during the holidays each year. This is a fun family Christmas activity that allows everyone to express their creativity and individuality. 

Send Christmas cards

Whether you’re taking annual Christmas photos or putting together a newsletter, sending out holiday cards is another great Christmas activity for families. It’s a thoughtful way to reflect on the year while spreading festive wishes and showing appreciation for loved ones. 

Bake Christmas cookies

Test out your baking skills by baking Christmas cookies with the whole family. Kids will love working with their hands and helping out in the kitchen. There are plenty of Christmas cookie ideas, so you can try new recipes or familiar favorites. Explore gingerbread decorating inspiration to get the family excited about making cookies together. 

Go ice skating

Break out your skates to go ice skating or play ice hockey. Skating together on an outdoor or indoor rink is a fun and active way to embrace the winter season and create joyful memories. 

Have a game night

Game nights are perfect for involving the whole family and can bring laughter and friendly competition. Bring out your family’s favorite board games or try holiday-themed games to capture the essence of the season. Playing games together is an engaging and interactive family Christmas idea.

Host a holiday potluck

Gather your family and friends together for a holiday potluck where everyone brings a dish to share. This fosters a sense of community and celebration for everyone involved. 

Mother and child reading a Christmas books

Read Christmas books

For families with younger kids, reading holiday-themed books together can create a cozy atmosphere. Christmas books often feature inspiring messages, lessons, and stories that can spark discussions about the holiday spirit.

Build a gingerbread house

Another sweet family tradition is building gingerbread houses. Building and decorating gingerbread houses allow for creativity and teamwork, resulting in festive and edible decorations for the holiday season. Use a gingerbread house template to streamline the activity and help you and your family jump right in and get decorating. 

Visit Santa Claus

Take the kids to visit Santa Claus for a magical and memorable experience. Whether at the mall or a local event, visiting Santa is the perfect Christmas family activity for young kids. 

Go look at Christmas lights

Fun Christmas ideas for families don’t need to be expensive. Consider taking the family out to look at Christmas lights around town. Drive around the neighborhood or visit places known for elaborate light displays for a simple yet dazzling activity that brings the family together. 

Personalize stockings

Opening stockings on Christmas morning is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday. Add a personalized touch to your family’s stockings by decorating or making stockings together. Each family member can add unique touches and elements that reflect their personalities. 

Celebrate Christmas with Mrs. Fields®

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, the important thing is spending quality time with your loved ones. Whether embarking on outdoor adventures in the snow or keeping things cozy and warm inside, choose an activity that your family will love. By enjoying time with your family throughout the holidays, you strengthen your relationships and enjoy special events together. 

This year, make the holidays even sweeter with Mrs. Fields® cookies and gifts. Cookies embody the spirit of the season, as they’re full of warmth, spice, and goodness. Elevate your next family get-together with a delicious selection of baked goods. Surprise your loved ones with classic and unique flavors designed to capture the essence of Christmas in a box. 

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