Chinese New Year Party Ideas

Chinese New Year 2012 begins January 23 with the Year of The Dragon. It's a time to celebrate with family and friends, eat good food, and enjoy fun customs and traditions. You don't have to be Chinese to join in the fun, so gather your friends and family and put together a great party with the following ideas.

MF Chinese New Year

1. Sweet & Sour Chicken is a crowd favorite. This recipe is easy and delicious, and much of the prep work can be done ahead of time. For dessert, make your own fortune cookies. (It's easier than you think.)

2. Print and post a Chinese Zodiac so that all party guests can find out which animal they represent based on their birth year. According to the zodiac, some animals are more compatible than others. Find out if it's true!

3. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with this simple craft that is fun for kids and adults too. Have a parade around the house and light fireworks outside!

4. Simple labels over bottled drinks add a finishing touch and offer your guests traditional Chinese wishes of longevity and prosperity.

5. Decorate your home with colorful Chinese Lanterns. Let the kids help and hang them down the hallway, above the dining table, or in the entry way.

6. Have guests write fortunes, then tuck them in paper cookies made out of cupcake liners (genius!). Add them all to a jar or bowl, mix them up, then distribute them among your guests.

{Dragon image via Pinterest.}

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