50 Ideas for College Care Packages

Pizza Cookie Cake
Gearing up to send your college student to school? Make the adjustment a little easier with a care package, filled with thoughtful things they'll use. Send it with them before they hit the road, or arrange to have it delivered after they arrive. Anticipate the things they'll miss from home, necessities they're likely to forget, and little indulgences that let them know how much you care. Need some ideas? Check out my top 50:
  1. Gift cards for local restaurants or fast food
  2. Quarters for laundromats, bus fare, and vending machines
  3. Instant oatmeal, granola bars, dried fruit
  4. Vitamins
  5. Scotch tape and scissors
  6. Over-the-counter cold medicine and pain reliever
  7. Recipes for favorite dishes
  8. Jump drive
  9. Band-aids
  10. Ointment
  11. Extra cell phone charger
  12. Soap
  13. Razors
  14. Body lotion
  15. Toothpaste
  16. Dental floss
  17. Anti-bacterial wipes
  18. Hand sanitizer
  19. Facial tissues
  20. Macaroni 'n' Cheese
  21. Ramen noodles
  22. Gum
  23. Vinyl wall decals for decoration
  24. Pillowcases
  25. A memento from each family member
  26. Digital picture frame with photos from home
  27. Movie gift certificates
  28. Air fresheners
  29. Pre-paid credit card
  30. Pens
  31. Highlighters
  32. Post-it notes
  33. Pre-paid calling cards
  34. Tea
  35. Headphones
  36. Refrigerator magnets
  37. Cork board and thumbtacks
  38. A Snuggie
  39. Slippers
  40. Socks
  41. Underwear
  42. Screen cleaner for laptop and cell phone
  43. Gloves
  44. Scarf
  45. Hat
  46. Hometown newspaper
  47. Magazines
  48. Holiday decorations
  49. Hand warmers
  50. Pizza Cookie Cake (My favorite!)
TIP: Pack items in a reusable container your student can use for storage and organization. TIP: Instead of bubble wrap or tissue paper, wrap breakable items in useful things like washcloths or kitchen towels. TIP: Always include a hand-written, encouraging note—easy to forget, but so important to remember. Any suggestions? Add your ideas in the comments section.
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