10 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

There's something about a creatively wrapped gift that just brings a smile. If you're looking for some inspiration with your holiday wrapping, check out these fun ideas: A tea towel is a gift in itself, so why not use it as wrapping? Use the Japanese method of furoshiki to tie it just right.

I love the idea of using old maps and atlases to wrap gifts, especially for your favorite globe trotter. Some simple red string and a colorful button top it off perfectly.

There are so many fun patterned tapes on the market, which means that it's easy to dress up the otherwise boring packages you have to ship during the holidays.

Do you hate having to keep an inventory of wrapping papers for a whole year of holidays and events? Choose a simple, neutral gift wrap and dress it up with different ribbons and tags for each occasion.

A short nature walk and some gold spray paint can turn into this incredibly elegant gift wrap.

Instead of tossing those old sweaters, cut them up and use them as charming gift wrap.

Explore your artistic side by creating a chalkboard design on your gifts. Simple black paper with white pens is all you need to create one-of-a-kind wrappings.

Wrapping with newspaper is an old idea, but it looks fresh and new with simple baker's twine and bold tags adorning it.

Ever wonder what to do with all those nice, heavy duty shopping bags from your holiday purchases? They make perfectly nice heavy duty wrapping paper. And finally, using simple kitchen twine and uncooked bow tie pasta for ribbons and bows is such a charming idea. It's clever, understated, and really beautiful. Happy wrapping!
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