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Happy Holidays Tin

Happy Holidays Tin
We apologize for the inconvenience but this gift is out of stock.
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  • Simple but sublime, this silver tin arrives with a holiday greeting and a collection of 24 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies in an assortment of popular flavors.

    Due to our dough mixing process, all of our products may have come in contact with nut oils.
    This product is Kosher Certified Kosher Certified.
    (Products certified when bearing the OU symbol)

    Rest assured, all of our baked goods arrive safely packaged in a protective film, which is sealed and secured from contaminants.

  • 3 customer reviews have been submitted for the Happy Holidays Tin.

    Overall Rating: 
    (4.3 of 5)

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      Delicious for the Entire...
      I think the cookies and the tin are marvelous. I'm a Christian and yes, Christ belongs in Christmas but these cookies are for the ENTIRE season which is Hanaukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and whatever other holiday anyone wants to acknowlege. I'll order a Christmas card with mine and I'm fine.
    • 
      Happy Holidays Tin
      Everything you expect from Mrs. Fields. I hate to say it, but these cookies are better than my grandma's. And to the person who already commented, I believe they'll put whatever sentiment you want on a tin (Sign up for the catalog, they usually put that info in there). I, for one, am happy Mrs. Fields includes everyone and not just those of a given faith. What's wrong with that?
    • 
      Happy Holidays Tin
      I would love to buy the Happy Holidays Tin as gifts for family but not without it saying Christmas. So many people are taking Christ out of Christmas and he is the reason for the season. I'm disappointed to see this. I will check back next year.