Collection: Custom Corporate Gifts

Send a personalized business gift to make a memorable and standout statement to those you do business with. Custom cookie tins and cookie packages make for a deliciously perfect custom corporate gift that will leave the recipient satisfied. Order your custom business gifts online today, and say thank you in a delectable, delightful, and thoughtful way.

Cookie FAQ

Answers to all your cookie questions.

What are personalized business gifts?

Personalized business gifts are customized cookies and treats that leave your customers, clients, or partners feeling appreciated and grateful. It's a mix of a classic sweet treat, with a custom way to show your thankfulness and gratitude—and Mrs. Fields® personalized business gifts, corporate thank you gifts, and custom cookie tins will do just that.

Our delicious treats are a great addition to any thank you card being sent, or any message you are trying to convey to those important to your business. Instead of sending corporate gifts that will get thrown away, why not send fresh-baked, scrumptious cookies that every person will love. Trust us when we say you just can't go wrong with cookies, gourmet gift tins, and thank you gifts that taste oven-fresh upon delivery.

Who should I send personalized business gifts to?

There are so many different options when it comes to sending personalized business gifts. But a great place to start is with those who make your business successful. Clients, customers, partners, employees, and staff members all make your business possible, so why not send them a sweet treat to thank them as an appreciation gift, or remind them how truly important they are to what you do?

Sending a personalized business gift from Mrs. Fields® is a surefire way to get them talking about you and what your business has to offer. Our delicious cookie tins can be customized with your company's name, slogan, or logo, all offering that personalized touch that makes your business so uniquely yours.

How do I choose a personalized business gift?

When it comes to choosing a perfectly personalized business gift, you want to really think about the recipient and what they like best. Maybe they are chocolate chip cookie lovers, or maybe white chocolate macadamia cookies are more their speed? No matter what their flavor profiles prefer, Mrs. Fields® has something perfect for everyone.

Once you decide on the cookies you want to send out, you can choose how many you want to send and how you want your business to be represented. Your logo, slogan, or even a picture of your team can be included on the personalized business gift cookie tin or packaging. This small, but effective personal touch can take your professional relationship to the next level, and make it so your recipient knows how much you care and want to see a partnership grow and flourish.

Let Mrs. Fields® help you show your appreciation for clients, employees, and other business associates. Place your custom corporate gift order today! Our customer service agents are standing by ready to help you with questions, or to get your personalized business gift order placed and on the way to you. Placing an order like this makes things more personal and takes the cold corporate feelings out of the equation entirely.