Recipe: Deviled Chicks

MF Deviled Egg Chicks Don't let all those delicious hard-boiled eggs go to waste this Easter. Turn them into these adorable, delicious appetizers that will give you a lip-smacking smile. This might be the cutest idea that's ever been hatched.

Deviled Chicks

12 large eggs, hard-boiled and peeled 6 tablespoons mayonaise 2 teaspoons dijon mustard 1 teaspoon pickle relish 4 teaspoons pickle juice 1 teaspoon smoked paprika chopped olives carrot

Directions Using a small paring knife, cut the rounded bottom of the egg to create a flat surface, allowing the egg to stand up straight. Next, cut a zig-zag pattern around the top third of the egg, careful not to cut into the yolk. Pop the top off and set aside. Gently squeeze the yolk ball into a mixing bowl. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

Using a fork or potato masher, mash the yolks until fine. Mix in mayonaise, mustard, relish, pickle juice, and paprika. Add more pickle juice if needed to create a smooth, silky texture. Allow to chill for at least an hour before spooning or piping into hollowed egg whites, over-filling the base to create your chick's head. Slice carrot into slices, then small pie-shaped pieces to create beaks. Place beak in exposed filling, along with two small chopped olives to create the eyes.

Serve immediately or chill covered for up to 48 hours.

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