10 Creative Ideas for Gift Card Giving

1 GC Is there a way to give a gift card that doesn't seem like an impersonal afterthought? I say, YES! Let's face it, sometimes a gift card is the best option for a particular person on your list. In my opinion, the presentation makes all the difference between impersonal and personal, thoughtful and an afterthought. Here are 10 fun ideas to get you started:

1. Fill a jar with mini baubles or ornaments, water, and your gift card. Tie a ribbon around the lid and present it upside down, as a special globe. Beautiful!

2. Take a cellophane bag and fill it with your recipient's favorite candy along with the gift card. Tie it with a ribbon.

3. Carefully feed a gift card into a large balloon (the bigger and thicker the balloon, the better your luck). Add some confetti, then blow up the balloon with helium, if possible, or air. Add a colorful string and tag.

4. Bake a cake and allow it to cool. Wash and dry the gift card before inserting it in the middle. Frost the cake and present it to the recipient, who is in for a fun surprise.

5. Wrap the gift card in a series of boxes, starting small and getting bigger, like nesting dolls. This creates great anticipation as the recipient unwraps each new layer.

6. Pick up an inexpensive item at a dollar store that relates to the gift card and wrap them together to create a themed presentation. (For example, a set of hot pads for a cooking store, a hammer or tool for a hardware store, a pair of gloves for a clothing store, etc.)

7. Pair something homemade like a dozen cookies or a CD mix, prepared just for the recipient, along with the gift card.

8. Build a simple gingerbread house from graham crackers, candy, and frosting, housing the gift card inside. Wrap up with cellophane and a ribbon. (HINT: For best results, use a hot glue gun to fasten the crackers to each other. Works great!)

9. Wrap one of your favorite books that you think the recipient will enjoy, including the gift card as a bookmark.

10. Create a beautiful origami card holder that can be reused as a business card holder. Choose paper that reflects the recipients interests or favorite colors.

Do you have any other ideas for gift card giving? Share them in the comment section!

{Image via Pinterest}
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