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Holiday Treat Consumption

There's a reason that you start to see ads for gym memberships all over the place this time of year. More than a few of us tend to overindulge as the days get shorter and the siren song of sweet and savory holiday goodies tugs at our taste buds.

And why shouldn't we? It's the Holidays! We're celebrating the close of another year, surrounded by family and friends. And one of the ways we bond and celebrate is by giving gift baskets and sharing a laugh over cups of hot cocoa while Nat King Cole sings "White Christmas" in the background. Makes you nostalgic just thinking about it doesn't it?

The Holiday Treat Season starts around October and doesn't end until well into January. In the interim, check out how much eggnog we're consuming: 122 million pounds! Granted, there are around 300 million of us in the US, but we all know a lot of people who don't like it, so somebody must be drinking a lot!

And then everybody is giving cookie gifts to one another at the office and to neighbors and family, which probably accounts for a good chunk of the nation's Christmas cookie consumption over the month of December. And then there's the pie—Oh, the pie! Apple, cherry, pumpkin, pecan—it's a free-for-all. There's a reason we can't resist; there are simply too many options. What Holiday goodness will be gracing your table this season?

Holiday Treat Consumption

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