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Mrs. Fields® Cookie Book

Mrs Fields Cookie Book

100 easy‑to‑follow dessert recipes.

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  • From Blue-Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies to cheesecake, these recipes will delight accomplished cooks and beginners alike. We'll include two dozen Nibblers® bite-sized cookies to whet your appetite for baking.

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  • 10 customer reviews have been submitted for the Mrs. Fields® Cookie Book.

    Overall Rating: 
    (4.8 of 5)

    • 
      Soft and Chewy
      I owe this book and have favorites from it, but everything turns out wonderfully. Most people beg me for my recipes. The big thing I noted is the low cooking temperature and the long time. Those does the trick in getting a great cookie.
    • 
      Put this book next to your...
      I got this from a friend who I had been complaining to about how I bake great bread and pies but can't master cookies. This book has solved all my lack of cookie confidence. There are so many recipes online that you don't need a lot of cook books but this is a must have. So put it next to your "Joy of Cooking" and you will be set.
    • 
      Simply Amazing cookies
      I have purchased this book back in 1995 and have tried lots of the recipes, especially the malted milk cookies. Hint: I cannot find malted milk so I substitute the white Ovaltine mix. Each one of the recipes are amazing and easy to make.
    • 
      Great Gift
      The cookies are soft and delicious and really make you look forward to trying out the many great recipes in the book. Thanks!
    • 
      The Best Cookie Book Ever
      I received rave reviews on my cookies. Someone loved them so well that my book disappeared. Yes, someone took my book! After much looking, I've decided to purchase another one. This time I'll keep it under lock and key!
    • 
      Best cookies ever
      When this book first came out my mother gave it to me. Every week I'd make 2 or 3 kinds of cookies for my 5 kids lunch boxes and they loved them. Now my girls are grown up and I gave each of them this cookbook for Christmas one year. It's still the best collection of cookie recipes I've ever seen.
    • 
      Love this book
      I have used this book for years. I lost my first one in a move and had to buy another one! It is for sure one of the only books for cookies I ever use. You must try the Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars one of my very favorites and my family loves it for the holidays also. I take it to work and they love it also.
    • 
      Best Cookie Cookbook every...
      I have had this cook book since day one and have made copies for relatives a number of times. The recipes are easy to follow and easy to make. My girls grew up with Mrs. Fields Cookie Cook Book and now their children are getting the same privilege. Thanks Sally Cain
    • 
      This book makes me look good!
      I got this book for a wedding gift in 1995, and while I have enjoyed making the cookie recipes from time to time, it's the banana bread recipe that I am "famous" for. I always use a cup and 1/4 of chocolate chips in this recipe, and I have been told this bread needs to be sold, not just given away. Thanks Mrs. Fields...your recipe makes me look good!
    • 
      Best overall recipes around
      I received this book as a gift in 1995 and still use it! Great recipes, user friendly and delicious. Highly recommend.