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96 Frosted Cookies by the Case

96 Frosted Cookies by the Case
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  • Delicious butter cookies hand-frosted and individually packaged.

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    Due to our dough mixing process, all of our products may have come in contact with nut oils.
    This product is Kosher Certified Kosher Certified.
    (Products certified when bearing the OU symbol)

    Rest assured, all of our baked goods arrive safely packaged in a protective film, which is sealed and secured from contaminants.

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      frosted cookies
      I ordered some of the frosted cookies for the kids for Valentine's Day! These are the best cookies I have ever eaten! I hate to say it but I hide some from the kids so I would have them for later. They are the best. My stepson ate 7 before he could stop! Delicious!
    • 
      office manager
      OMG. I am not a cookie person, but I odered some ink cartridges from Quill and this was a gift for the office. It's a good thing I am the only one here, as I ate all 6 of them. I could not eat one at a time. It had to be two. I hid them so I would not eat them all and that did not work. Keep up the good work. WONDERFUL!!!!!!