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What is a good gift for new parents?

Some of the best gifts for new parents include presents for the baby. However, it’s important to remember that after having a new child, parents will need more help and support as they navigate through parenthood, especially in the first few months. While some might argue the best gifts for new moms range from coffee subscriptions to books on parenting, what new parents really want is a chance to relax, get quality sleep, and be able to eat foods that can help reduce stress. One present people never seem to get parents are baby gift baskets filled with their favorite treats, including chocolate-covered strawberries, cookie tins, chocolate bouquets, and even cookie cakes to celebrate the birth of their new child. 

Why are treats a good gift for new parents

Baked goods, including cookies, are a great gift for new moms because they can satisfy sugar cravings and are something enjoyable for just a few minutes every day while a mom is busy taking care of their new child. Of course, the best gifts are the ones you can eat, so baked goods, including custom sweet gifts filled with your friend or family member’s favorite cookies, brownies, and more, can help them spend some time enjoying themselves. 

Cookies make people happy because they taste great and remind them of when they were young. Cookies are a sweet treat that can trigger happy memories, reduce stress, and give new parents a little bit of well-deserved me-time while they’re dealing with the many challenges of parenthood. Additionally, sweets, such as chocolate cookies, can help reduce stress levels, which is crucial during the first few months after bringing home a new baby. 

If you can’t congratulate the new parents in person, you can get them gift baskets for delivery, including cookie tins and other favorites so they can have the gift of sweetness without the need to pick up their cookies in-store.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

How long it takes for your order to arrive depends on a number of factors, including the preferred shipping method you can choose when you check out on our website. Mrs. Fields cannot guarantee delivery dates for orders shipped via standard shipping. If you need your cookie delivery to arrive on a certain date, we recommend choosing an expedited shipping method to guarantee your delivery day. Luckily, we can guarantee freshness and deliciousness.

Your sweet treats will always be delivered fresh. Our cookies and baked goods have a shelf life of twelve days, and we pack them to preserve freshness. You’ll always get the freshest Mrs. Fields cookies. 

To order baked goods baby gift baskets, you can call us at 1-800-COOKIES or browse our website for the perfect gift for new parents and complete the checkout process online. 

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