Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc.

Gifting Tips

Mrs. Fields® Item Suggestions

  • Always sign your gift message! Mrs. Fields® Gifts includes a free gift card with every shipment, but unless you sign your card, the recipient will not know who their gift is from.
  • How many people are you trying to feed? We recommend at least 1 cookie or brownie per person and 4 Nibblers® bite-size cookies or Brownie Bites per person.
  • We always recommend sending our most popular assortment, unless you know the assortment your recipient likes, otherwise you may deny them their favorite flavor by sending what you like.
  • Our products are packaged for freshness, so if you are sending to a meeting or event, make sure you plan to get there a few minutes early to unwrap the items.

Some Things to Consider When Sending a Business Gift

  • Does your recipient's company have a gift policy? Be sure they can accept your gift before you send it.
  • Sending to a large building? Make sure you include a suite number.
  • Sending to a Hospital? Make sure to include a room number.
  • Double-check the correct spelling of your recipient's name and company.
  • Do you have a specific date you need your gift to arrive by? Make sure you discus those needs with a gift specialist to ensure your gift arrives the day you're expecting.
  • Do you need to ship more than 1 item to a location? Call 1-888-COOKIES for details, or see our bulk shipping information.
  • Would you like to insert a business card or other materials in your package? We can include most inserts at no cost. Ask our gift specialists for details.
  • Please provide a physical address. Mrs. Fields® ships via UPS. Post Office Boxes can be accepted but have additional fees and longer lead times.
  • Don't worry about getting a 9 digit zip code, UPS only requires 5.