It's awfully warm and fuzzy here at Mrs. Fields Secrets. The Give Thanks with the Gift of Cookies giveaway ended at midnight last night after receiving 632 entries. Each nomination was touching, inspiring, and so deserving. Without further ado, here are the randomly selected winners:
Jennifer C, who said, "I’d like to thank my grandparents for always making the holidays special and reminding me that it truly is better to give than receive."
Eileen, who said, "I would like to thank my two kids, hardly kids at 17 and 21, but always kids in my heart. We don’t tell them often enough what great people they have grown up to be. In a world of tough decision making and peer pressure they have always made me proud with their great choices. They have truly made me thankful for my choice to be a mom!"
Sharon, who said, "I’d like to thank my best friend, Joy, who has always been there for me! She is a absolutely joy to be around, no pun intended! She’s a former co-worker of mine and makes an effort to stay in touch even though we don’t see each other as much anymore. She is such a blessing and I’m glad she’s part of my life."
My thanks to everyone who took time to share a nomination!
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