Win Cookies for Your Administrative Professional

Secretary, assistant, administrative professional—it's not so much about the title as the many hats they wear: organizational guru, calendar coordinator, personal alarm clock, office confidant, lunch coordinator, gatekeeper of office supplies, and frequent superhero. (It seems that last hat—superhero—is the one that comes in handy the most.) Administrative Professionals Day is coming up on April 25, so it's time to start thinking about a proper way to thank them. It's also time for our annual giveaway in their honor! You can win a fresh delivery of gourmet Mrs. Fields cookies for the administrative professional at your office by leaving a comment answering this question: When did your administrative professional save the day? Three winners will be chosen to receive the following fabulous prizes:
One comment per person, please. Although, one person can be nominated unlimited times (so encourage your coworkers to join in the fun). Nominations will be accepted until midnight, April 18. Winners will be selected and notified via email. Of course, you can always shop our entire line of products for perfect gifts for the superhero, er, administrative professional in your life. **Giveaway closed.** {Superhero image found here.}
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