What Do You Do With Your Halloween Candy?

Mrs. Fields Secrets Leftover Candy Halloween is over and now you have a houseful of candy. What do you do with your stash? (Or, more appropriately, your kids' stash?) Do you ration it for days or let them gorge all at once? Do you organize it in categories, arrange trades, or locate secret hiding places around the house? If you're looking for ideas or a few laughs, I've got some suggestions for you:

Leftover Candy Luckies are an absolute favorite cookie at my house. All your favorite Halloween chocolate candy flavors blend in these ooey-gooey treasures that everyone will love. If you didn't see this Halloween candy prank last year (or even if you did), it's worth watching . My favorite line: "You sneaky mom!" Have you heard about the Switch Witch? Like the Tooth Fairy, kids hand offer up their excess candy and end up with a toy or prize instead. You can share some of your surplus with military troops overseas through Operation Gratitude. Consider diluting the candy with some healthier items (peanuts, popcorn, raisins, pretzels) to create a post-Halloween trail mix. Get out the glue and craft supplies and let the kids build candy houses or cities. The sizes and shapes of Halloween candy lend themselves perfectly to building materials! There's no rush. Candy has an amazing shelf life, especially in a dry, air-tight container. Have you checked out the Top 20 Halloween Candy List for 2013? (I'm not sure if I agree about the flavored Tootsie Rolls.) Sure, you're familiar with U.S. candy favorites, but check out The 50 Best Candies from Around the World. Some of them are pretty crazy! So, what's your favorite way to use of the Halloween candy? Share your ideas in the comments section!
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