Warm Weather Closet Tips

The temperatures are on the rise and it's time to put those winter sweaters, scarves, and wooly wearables in hibernation to make way for your warm weather wardrobe. Here are a few great tips for keeping the revolving door of your closet running smoothly. Don't Mix. If you're not in the habit already of rotating your closet, I highly recommend it. Think of your closet as your own personal boutique, featuring only the current season's wares. Not only will you be able to see and therefore utilize each season's entire pickings, it feels like getting an entirely new wardrobe each time you pull out the next season's storage because it's amazing how you forget some of the great things you already have! Use the Six-Month Rule. As you pack away your winter clothes, be honest with yourself and toss out anything you haven't worn at least once in the last six months. (And by "toss," I mean give away to charity.) Repair as Necessary. If your favorite sweater has a snag or tear, or your jacket is missing a button, keep those clothes aside and repair them before putting them away for the season. It will be a gift to yourself next season when you pull out your fabulous, ready-to-wear favorites next fall. Take Inventory. Are there some staple items you really need to complete either your fall/winter or spring/summer wardrobe? It might be a good time to take advantage of clearance and pre-season sales to fill in the gaps. Try the Backward Hanger Trick. As you transfer your warm clothes into your closet, take notice of the items that you may not be as crazy about now as you were last year. If you know for sure that you won't be wearing an item, toss it out now. If you're unsure, try this trick: loop its hanger the opposite way over the rod. If, at the end of the season, the hanger is still hanging backward (indicating you haven't worn the item even once) it's time to give it the boot! Shop for Swimsuits Early. If you or the kids are in need of a new swimsuit, I recommend shopping early. There is a lot of selection early in the season and usually some great pre-season sales. Most stores don't continue to ship in more swimsuits throughout the summer, so selection will go down and prices will go up as supply and demand create a shortage. Have fun pulling out all of those wonderful, warm weather clothes and be sure to share your own ideas in the comments section!
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