Valentine's Party Ideas for Couples

3SLPMrsFields113 In the final installment of our Valentine series with our friends at Little Peanut Magazine and photographer Becky Kimball, we're sharing some spectacularly fun ideas for a couples party. Invite a handful of your favorite couples and host a party that's playfully romantic. Of course, our Big Red Heart decoration is the perfect backdrop for such a party, along with thoughtful details like these. 3SLPMrsFields2043SLPMrsFields118 Table Details: Simple red and white details set a perfect scene, with napkins folded into a heart shape with a slip of hand-written paper slipped inside like an arrow. A bouquet of red and pink flowers is all you need for a stunning centerpiece. 3SLPMrsFields57 Pair of Hearts Game: This scatter of hearts on the wall makes a great decoration, but a fun party game too! Create a memory-type matching game by writing the name of each half of a famous duo on the back of each heart, then affix the hearts to the wall with masking tape in whatever pattern you like. Party guests can take turns choosing two hearts at a time to find the right match! The winning couple wins a prize, like our classic Red Heart Tin. 3SLPMrsFields33 Conversation Hearts Game: Supply each couple with a bag of conversation hearts and give them three minutes to arrange them into the best conversation they can form, be it zany or sexy or funny. Next, have each couple read their conversation out loud. The best conversation wins a prize like the Conversations Heart Box. 3SLPMrsFields221 Treats as Decor: Stacks of delicious cookies on various cake and cupcake plates make a fun decoration and an easy way to serve treats. A lollipop stick with a red heart on top adds a fun wink. 111IMG_3237 Drink: Every party needs a signature cocktail and our Cran-Raspberry Spritzer is perfect for Valentine's Day.

- 16oz cranberry-raspberry juice - 20 ounces lemon-lime soda - 1 lemon, quartered - ice cubes - fresh raspberries - raspberry vodka Directions Fill four glasses with ice. Divide the cranberry-raspberry juice among the glasses. Add 1 oz. of raspberry vodka to each glass. Divide the lemon-lime soda among the glasses, topping off each cup. Squeeze a hint of fresh lemon juice over each, then garnish with a few fresh raspberries. Stir and serve immediately.

Do you have great ideas for couples’ Valentine parties? Share them with us! {All images by Becky Kimball}
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