Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids

1SLPMrsFields73 As promised, today we're teaming up with our friends at Little Peanut Magazine and photographer Becky Kimball to share some fun (and simple) party ideas for kids for Valentine's Day! Whether you're volunteering in a classroom, or hosting at your home, these ideas are worth falling in love with. 1SLPMrsFields127 Big Heart Balloons: Invite guests with a big heart helium balloon either written with the information, or tied to the string. (For guests who live too far away, mail them a deflated balloon that shows the info when inflated.) Most party stores carry heart-shaped balloons, or you can order them online. Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.16.22 PM Pair of Hearts Game: This scatter of hearts on the wall makes a great decoration, but a fun party game too! Create a memory-type matching game by writing the name of each half of a famous duo on the back of each heart, then affix the hearts to the wall with masking tape in whatever pattern you like. Party guests can take turns choosing two hearts at a time to find the right match! 1SLPMrsFields91 Lucky in Love Game: A spin on "Hot Potato," for this game you'll need two identical containers (we recommend our Dynamite Sticks). One container is filled with candy, while the other is filled with dry beans. (Make sure they are of equal weight to keep the mystery.) Have guests stand in a circle and pass the containers as quickly as they can while music is being played. They can either pass them in a circle or toss them randomly. Once the music stops, the two people holding the containers open them up to find out who is lucky in love and gets a piece of candy, or unlucky in love and gets a bean. 2SLPMrsFields52 Menu: When serving refreshments for children, create a fun multi-level buffet of Nibblers® bite-sized cookies, Brownie Bites, and chocolate candies on tiered cake and cupcake stands. (We recommend the assortment in our All Heart Box.) The smaller portion is perfect for kids and allows them to sample a variety without a lot of waste. Pre-poured glasses of milk are the ideal party drink for this spread. Scatter cut-out hearts for extra decoration. SLPMrsFields121 Decoration: You don't need too many decorations to set the stage for a great party. Check out the instructions for our Big Red Heart. It's stunning to look at, but so simple to create! Do you have great ideas for kids' Valentine parties? Share them with us! {All images by Becky Kimball}
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