Surprising Sandwiches

Mrs. Fields Secrets Surprising Sandwches If you've never ventured beyond PB&J or ham and cheese, it's time to start exploring the wondrous world of sandwiches. There's no end to the surprising creativity that can be found between two slices of bread. Check out these amazing recipes and treat yourself to a sandwich surprise!

1. Turkey bacon apple onion sandwich. 2. Veggie hero with creamy tomato dressing. 3. Grilled cheese and apple sandwich. 4. Fried chicken and waffle sandwich. 5. Tomatillo pulled chicken sandwiches. 6. Fried eggplant sandwich. 7. Ginger lime chicken sandwich. 8. French onion chicken sandwich. 9. Lemongrass chicken banh mi sandwich. 10. Salmon pesto focaccia sandwich. 11. Bacon and egg breakfast sandwich. 12. Pork primavera sandwich. 13. Spiced tofu sandwich. 14. Jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich. 15. Greek salad sandwich. 16. Mashed chickpea salad sandwich. 17. Fried maple peanut butter banana bacon sandwich. 18. Prosciutto apple and honey sandwich. 19. Monte Cristo waffle sandwich.
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