Super Slumber Party Tips & Ideas

Mrs. Fields Secrets Slumber Party Ideas Ah, the slumber party, a kid's dream come true. But a slumber party can be a parent's worst nightmare without some good planning. Check out these great tips and ideas for making your party one that everybody enjoys!

1. Sleep masks made of felt are a fun activity and party favor (plus, they actually encourage sleep!). 2. These Pizza Pops are tasty, portable and a fun spin on regular pizza. 3. Popcorn is a perfect treat for slumber parties. It's not too sweet and it's easy to vacuum! Consider setting out some fun mix-ins too, like m&m's and pretzels. 4. For breakfast, serve french toast on a stick. Another fun twist on a classic and you don't have to worry about having everyone seated at the table. 5. No slumber party is complete without karaoke. Gather a fake microphone and some rockstar costumes to enhance the experience. 6. Using sheets, pillows and strings of Christmas lights, you can create a magical fort, perfect for ghost stories. 7. Write out different activities and put them each inside a helium balloon with a time written on it. This will keep the party moving along and keep an element of surprise going all throughout the party.

TIP: Be prepared for late night homesickness by making sure you have all parents' phone numbers and cell phone numbers handy. TIP: Avoid frustration by making any house rules clear at the beginning of party. TIP: Slumber parties rarely involve any slumber. Clear your calendar for the following day for plenty of rest!

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