Super Ideas for Sunday's Party

Inviting friends over to watch the big game on Sunday? Here are a few tips to keep your party high scoring and fumble-free: Utilize different watching zones. Some people are there for the game, some are there for the commercials, and some are there for the food. Keep everybody happy by spreading things out in different rooms and keeping like-minded party goers together. Supply face paints. Everybody loves to show team spirit on game day, so grab some simple poster paints and let your guests decorate their faces (or bellies). It's a great way to keep the kids entertained, too. Provide your own halftime entertainment. There's no need to rely on a superstar rocker to entertain your guests. Turn the TV off or mute it during halftime while you gather everyone for karaoke, competitive eating, or a crash course in cheerleading. (Wouldn't you love to see your husband and his buddies creating the human pyramid?) Everyone can be together having a few laughs before the second half of the game begins. Cast votes for the best commercial. Supply guests with a slip of paper to cast their vote for the best commercial. At the end of the evening, tally the votes to see which commercial scored big with your crowd. Have a treat as big as the game. Our Big Cookie Cake is a perfect game day dessert decorated with your team's colors, ready to entice (or taunt) your guests. Customize your own message and colors of frosting. It's my favorite game day fare, and a total crowd pleaser.

Share your own ideas in the comments section, and check back later this week for fabulous finger foods to serve!

{Image via Pinterest.}

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