Summer Thank You Ideas

All sights are on fall, but before summer disappears completely, don't forget to take time to thank those who made your summer spectacular. For instance, you can thank your neighbor Jim for taking your family out on his boat with this Nautical Tote.
Nautical Tote with Treats
Thank Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jack for the use of their beach house with this keepsake cookie jar.
Beach Shack Bites Jar
Thank your best friends, Sue and Matt, for a camping trip you'll never forget with this Big Cookie Cake.
Campers Cookie Gift
Thank your golfing buddy Ed for graciously allowing so many mulligans with a Bucket of Bites.
Bucket of Bites
And finally, thank your favorite petsitter Jenny for making it possible for you to have so much fun in the first place with this summery Sunshine Satchel.
Sunshine Satchel
Did I leave anybody out? Who made your summer spectacular?
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