Sugar Cookie-palooza!

Tomorrow is National Sugar Cookie Day, a truly sweet and deserving holiday in my opinion. I'm planning to celebrate, are you? I've gathered up our mini-encyclopedia of sugar cookie recipes and tips to share with you today, along with my Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day: 1. Have a cookie-decorating party. 2. Have a sugar cookie exchange. (Why wait until the holidays?) 3. Surprise your friends or neighbors with sugar cookies. 4. Treat yourself to a batch of sugar cookies. 5. Find a local store and make a run for it! (Our sugar cookies really are the best.) And now for more resources! Big Sugar Cookie 5 Common Mistakes with Sugar Cookies Sugar Cookie Decorating Tips Melting Snowmen Sugar Cookies Chick 'n' Egg Cookies Fruit Pizza (on a sugar cookie crust) Frosted Conversation Heart Cookies One more thing: Happy Sugar Cookie Day! Now go celebrate.
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