Spring Staycation Ideas

MF Umbrellas If a weeklong trip to the Bahamas isn't in the budget for your upcoming Spring Break, why not consider a staycation at home? I promise, you can have the time of your life without boarding a plane, train, or automobile. On second thought, you are going to need that automobile, but only one tank of gas. Here's are my tips for a fabulous stay-at-home sabbatical:

Plan an exotic menu. You're not going somewhere exotic, but that doesn't mean you can't have food that is. Make a menu plan for the week with your favorite ethnic foods, but leave one or two nights open for eating out.

Tourist in your own town. See your area with new eyes, as if you were visiting it for the first time and wanted to hit all the highlights in your short stay. Chances are, you have a long list of places--museums, parks, historical sites--you plan to visit "someday." Guess what? It's someday! Don't forget your camera. You wouldn't forget your camera for a vacation, so don't even think about forgetting it for your staycation. You're making memories, so preserve them forever with your photos. Book a local hotel room. Spend one night at a local hotel room and enjoy all the perks. (Get a great rate on Priceline.) Don't forget your swimsuits for the swimming pool and jacuzzi. For a romantic getaway, choose a local Bed and Breakfast instead. Enjoy a midday matinee. When's the last time you spent a day at the movies? Sounds indulgent, doesn't it? That's what vacations are all about. Treat yourself to a weekday trip to the movies for a double feature. And while you're at it, get extra butter on that popcorn! For something truly different, find a theater that shows only independent or foreign films. Unplug. Get away from the everyday stress of your modern life. Put a vacation message on your email, turn the ringer off your cell phone, and leave the TV on standby. Check email and messages once a day. Wake up naturally. Before you go to bed each night, open the curtains or blinds, allowing yourself to wake naturally with sunlight in the morning. No alarm clocks allowed. It's one of the best feelings in the world. Try these tips and you'll return to your regular life relaxed, recharged, and ready to go. Bon voyage! Do you have any tips for a great staycation? Leave your ideas in the comments section!
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