Spring Fever--Have You Caught It Yet?

I went to the doctor this morning with a list of terrible symptoms:
  • stir craziness
  • moodiness
  • chills
  • periods of staring out the window
  • an overwhelming urge to scrub cupboards
  • an allergic reaction to boots, coats, and anything made of wool
I was diagnosed on the spot with a full-fledged case of severe Spring Fever. The doctor recommended fresh flowers, a new pair of sandals, and a weekend road trip anywhere south of here! He also recommended getting lots and lots of sunshine.
Sunshine Satchel
I couldn't agree more. I'm craving sunshine like you can't believe. What about you? Are you suffering from Spring Fever too? Let me know your symptoms and how you plan to treat them. Together, we can combat this terrible epidemic!
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