Holiday Solutions: Send Cookies In Your Place

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Dear Mrs. Fields, For the first time since I moved away from home eight years ago, I won't be able to go back and join my family for Thanksgiving. I'll be going with my fiancé Danny to meet his entire family for the first time. Unfortunately, they live on the opposite coast from my family. I know my family understands and they are happy for me, but I also feel that they're sad and disappointed I won't be there. How do I handle this? Sincerely, Pam
Dear Pam, Your dilemma brings up a great question: How can we put ourselves in two places at once? I have a great solution for you! I recommend that you and Danny send a cookie gift to your family and have it delivered the day before Thanksgiving. Include a sincere note that you wish there was a way for you both to be there with them, but ask that they accept this gift in your place. Make sure it's signed from both of you—you're a couple now. As the cookies are shared with the family, you'll be remembered to them in a truly sweet way. ("Who sent these cookies?" "They're from Pam and Danny!") A cookie can definitely soften the sting of your absence. And next year, when you and Danny spend Thanksgiving with your family, you can send a similar gift to his family. It works like a charm. Trust me. Good luck and congratulations on your engagement! Mrs. Fields Do you have a holiday dilemma? Send me an email (mrsfieldsmrsfieldssecretscom). Maybe I can help!
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