Recipe: Simple Cole Slaw

MF Cole Slaw If boiled cabbage isn't your thing for St. Patty's Day tomorrow, here's a fun alternative for all that gorgeous cabbage on sale right now. This cole slaw recipe is non-traditional, non-mayonnaise-y, and oh so delicious! It's the perfect side dish for spring. It also makes an amazing sandwich topping for your pulled pork or corned beef. Make a big batch and eat it all week long. It keeps beautifully. Mmm!

Simple Cole Slaw

Dressing 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup orange juice 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup vegetable oil 1 1/2 teaspoons lemon pepper 1 teaspoon salt Slaw 2 cups finely shredded green cabbage 2 cups finely shredded red cabbage 2 carrots, finely shredded 2 small apples, finely chopped 1 cup dried cranberries or raisins 1/2 cup toasted almonds In a blender, combine dressing ingredients on high until creamy and frothy looking. Set aside. Combine cabbage, carrots, apples and cranberries in a large mixing bowl. Pour dressing on top and toss thoroughly. Add toasted almonds before serving. HINT: Add fresh squeezed lime juice and chopped cilantro for a great topping for fish tacos. HINT: For a pretty presentation, reserve the outer leaves of the cabbage head to create a makeshift bowl for your cole slaw. (Remember to use a bowl or plate as backup.) So pretty!
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