Recipe: Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Mrs. Fields Secrets Ice Cream Sandwich Cake How do you answer a craving for cake in the summer without preheating the oven? This cake is the answer. Built from a tower of criss-crossed ice cream sandwiches, this cake stands tall and square and ready to satisfy your sweet tooth without any baking required. Plus, you can customize it any which way with your favorite flavored ice cream sandwiches to make it entirely your own! (Plus, it's pretty!) Ice Cream Sandwich Cake 12 ice cream sandwiches 1 carton whipped topping peanut butter sundae syrup chocolate magic shell topping Directions Lay three ice cream sandwiches on a freezer-safe serving plate to form a square. Drizzle a little peanut butter syrup across the top to serve as a binding agent, then layer three more on top in the opposite direction. Repeat the process until you have four layers and a complete cube. Next, frost the cake with the whipped topping and freeze again for about 20-30 minutes, or until whipped topping becomes firm. Finally, drizzle a generous amount of peanut butter and magic shell syrup all over the cake, allowing some to run down the sides. Freeze again before serving. Here's a peek at the pre-frosted cake: Mrs. Fields Secrets Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
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