Recipe: Ice Cream Pies

Mrs. Fields Secrets Ice Cream Pie

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is ice cream pies. Sure, I love the traditional pies, but there's something amazing of seeing ice cream all dressed up in pie form with different crusts and toppings. They even seem to attract pie haters (yes, such people do exist), so they are a must-have on my menu. My absolute favorite is a pumpkin and egg nog pie, but I'm sharing my other crowd pleasers below. Pumpkin Egg Nog Ice Cream Pie 2 cups crushed ginger snap cookies 1/4 cup melted butter 1/2 gallon pumpkin ice cream 1/2 gallon egg nog ice cream 1/8 cup crushed pistachio nuts 1/3 cup caramel ice cream topping Directions Begin by setting the ice cream on the counter to soften for 45 minutes. While you wait, blend the cookies and butter in a food processor to create a fine crumb. Transfer the cookie crumbs to a pie dish and press into the form and set aside. Stir the softened ice creams together in a loose swirl, then pour into the prepared crust. Immediately transfer to the freezer to harden for at least 8 hours or overnight. Before serving, garnish with a sprinkle of crushed nuts and a drizzle of caramel. Other Ice Cream Pie Ideas Use the same template for these other delicious alternatives. Better yet, try them all! Grasshopper: Oreo crust with mint chocolate chip ice cream and cooke dough ice cream, topped with chocolate chips, caramel and hot fudge. Peanut Butter Dream: Chocolate wafer cookie crust with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter ice cream, topped with crushed Nutty Buddy bars (or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups), along with caramel and chocolate drizzles. Cookie Monster: Oreo crust with cotton candy ice cream and cookie dough ice cream, topped with crumbled cookies (a variety of 2 or 3), along with caramel and chocolate drizzles.
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