Recipe: Campfire Orange Rolls

MF Campfire Orange Rolls For your next camp out or cookout, these delicious orange rolls are an absolute must. Baked right inside an orange rind, right over a fire or coals, these sweet rolls are a huge hit and a great way to start the day. The orange rind keeps them nice and moist during cooking and also provides easy, no-mess handling for eating. Plus, the smell when they're cooking will send you over the moon, it's that heavenly.

Campfire Orange Rolls

4 oranges 1 package Pillsbury orange rolls 1 aluminum pan or fire-safe baking dish tin foil

Directions Prepare a fire, charcoals, or grill to a steady low-flame heat. You'll need some kind of grill to hold the baking dish over the heat rather than sitting directly in it. Cut oranges in half and remove most of the flesh. A little pulp left inside is no problem, so don't sweat the process. Place orange halves open-side up in aluminum pan. Remove orange rolls from packaging and place one in the middle of each orange half. Cover pan with tin foil, tented in the middle to allow rolls to rise without sticking to the foil. Place over heat and allow to bake for 12-25 minutes, depending on the heat. After 10 minutes, check the rolls every few minutes. They'll be done when they puff up and begin to brown around the edges. Remove from heat and immediately frost with the icing from the package. Serve warm. Makes 8 rolls.

HINT: Juice the orange halves before removing the pulp and flesh. You'll have fresh squeezed orange juice to serve with them!

MF Campfire Orange Rolls

HINT: You don't have to wait for a camp out. These work great on your grill at home or in the oven. Bake at 400 degrees and check after 10 minutes.

MF Campfire Orange Rolls

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