Out of the Box Costume Ideas

There's nothing quite like a homemade costume for Halloween. If you're high on ambition, but low on inspiration, I've got a few ideas that are totally outside the box, even though they are, technically, inside a box. That's right, all you need is a large cardboard box and a little elbow grease. Ready? Kleenex Box Spray paint or cover your cardboard box with wrapping paper, leaving a thin opening at one of the seams. Cut out holes for head, arms, and legs. Finally, take a piece of white tissue paper and feed it through the seam to create your "kleenex." Remember to secure the tissue inside the box with glue or tape. Gift Box Sure, it's been done before, but give it your own spin. Wrap your box in colorful paper and add ribbon. (Don't forget to cut out holes for head, arms, and legs!) Then, write out an oversized tag with something clever, such as, "To: From: Fate." Don't forget the giant bow on your head! Washer/Dryer A fun idea for a pair of costumes, take two same-sized boxes and cut out doors on both (round on the washer, square on the dryer). Spray paint them matching colors. Cut out holes for head, arms, and legs. Use a piece of cardboard to create a false wall inside the doors, attaching rumpled pieces of fabric or socks with a hot glue gun. Add details with marker or paint to show knobs and buttons. Old TV Start by googling an image of your favorite old TV show and print it out as large as you can. Round the corners and you have your screen. Spray paint or cover your box, and don't forget to add details, like knobs for volume and channel, as well as speakers and an antennae made from a hanger. Mrs. Fields Gift Tin Call me biased, but I love this idea. Cut out holes for head, arms, and legs. Spray paint or wrap the box in bright red. Add my famous gold signature and some ribbon if you like. Carry a supply of chocolate chip cookies and hand them out for added effect. Trust me, you'll be the hit of the party! Those are my ideas, but what are yours? Feel free to share them in the comments section!
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