Oscar Party Menu Ideas

Are you hosting a watch party for this year's Academy Awards? I love the idea of putting together a creative menu based on the nominated movie titles, actors, and actresses, or Hollywood in general. How do you do it? Simply rename some delicious party-friendly recipes to incorporate movie themes. Here are a few ideas based on the nominees for Best Picture this year:

The Artist Recipe: The Artist 'Not So Silent' Martinis The perfect cocktail to kick off your not so silent evening.

The Decendants Recipe: The Decendants Chocolate Decadance Easy, delicious, individual chocolate treats for your guests.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Recipe: Extremely Spicy & Incredibly Sweet Snack Mix A popcorn-based snack mix that's perfectly balanced for noshing while watching the broadcast.

The Help Recipe: The 'Help Yourself to More Chocolate Pie' Pie Those who have seen the movie or read the book will appreciate this completely harmless tribute to Minnie's famous dish.

Hugo Recipe: Hugo Jell-O Yummo Cake Hot raspberry Jell-O drizzled over a freshly baked cake is a wonderful, creative creation Hugo would be proud to eat.

Midnight in Paris Recipe: Midnight Pudding in Paris Rich, chocolatey, and even perhaps a little bittersweet—kind of a Woody Allen-type recipe.

Moneyball Recipe: Moneyball Meatballs This is a crockpot classic party dish with a few simple inexpensive ingredients that really knocks it out of the park.

The Tree of Life Recipe: The Ants in Trees of Life This fabulous Asian noodle dish (that some people might find hard to understand) is best served hot and fresh.

War Horse Recipe: 'Hungry As a War Horse' Carrot Cupcakes

Okay, maybe this is a stretch (horses love carrots!), but these cupcakes are not. I recommend making miniature cupcakes.

And the winner is? You'll have to decide for yourself! Invite your friends over, dress up (or dress down), fill out your ballots, and enjoy a delicious evening together. Check out my party ideas from last year for even more inspiration, and share your own creative ideas in the comments section!

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