Order Now, Ship Whenever, Stress Never

If you've ordered gifts from Mrs. Fields before, you already know about this great feature on our website—a virtual calendar that allows you to select the exact date you'd like your gifts delivered to your recipients. This means that you can shop as early as you like, and have your gifts delivered as late as you like. You can take care of an entire season's gifting needs, have them delivered at precisely the right time, and move on with your busy holiday schedule!

Mrs. Fields Secrets Order

For example:
  • If you want Grandma's gift delivered the day of her annual family Christmas party, we can do that.
  • If you want an office gift delivered the Monday morning of the last full week of work (so everyone can enjoy it all week), we can do that too.
  • If you want a surprise gift to wish your son well before his third-grade Christmas concert, we can deliver it on that exact date.
  • If you want fresh cookies delivered for Christmas Eve to set out for Santa, we've got you covered.
And don't forget, we have amazing deals on shipping this weekend, so stay tuned and take advantage!
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