Olympic Foods & Party Inspiration

I can barely contain my excitement for the upcoming Olympic games! Watching the games makes me proud to be a human being (I can't believe our bodies can do such amazing things!) and I love knowing there's a giant global audience, cheering on their country's team. If you're planning, like me, to invite some friends over to watch the games, here are some inspirations for food and fun. Snack-able Torches: Fill ice cream cones (sugar or cake) with french fries, cheese sticks, popcorn, or Cheetos to create an Olympic torch that's good enough to eat. Olympic Pretzel Rings: Make homemade pretzels in the shape of rings (this recipe is to die for) and serve with round bowls of Olympic-colored dips: ketchup (red), mustard (yellow), olive tapenade (black), pesto (green), and blueberry jam (blue). Olympic Trivia: Challenge guests to Olympic trivia (free printable here) and honor the top three winners with a gold, silver, and bronze medal made from paper or candy. Parade of National Foods: Prepare your favorite international foods to represent the nations participating in the games. (You could also ask guests to bring foods from their personal heritage to share.) Here are some recipes to get you started.
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